the team Team - Member Avatar
Peter-Jan Celis
Founder & CEO

Peter-Jan "PJ" Celis wrote our first line of code on his 29th birthday in January 2015. He first worked on as a weekend and evening project, going full time in June of 2016.

Before founding, PJ was a strategy consultant, Ruby on Rails developer, marketing lead in medical tourism, and founder of an online arbitration company.

Originally from Belgium, PJ moved to Vietnam to start and is currently living in London. He holds a master degree in applied economics from the KULeuven. Team - Member Avatar
Linh Dam
Co-founder & CTO

Linh Dam is the CTO of and was involved in the project from day 1. Originally working weekends on starting January 2015, Linh went full time in April of 2016.

Before, Linh was the front-end lead for HipVan, a multimillion dollar furniture ecommerce company based in Singapore. Linh is a fullstack developer, building on his job experience as a Ruby of Rails developer.

Linh is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from RMIT. Team - Member Avatar
Annie Le

Khe Uyen Hoang "Annie" Le joined as an Asian timezone support representative in October of 2017.

Before, Annie was an account executive at Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services and member of the Global Talent Program at AIESEC Vietnam.

Annie is born and raised in Da Nang, Vietnam and now lives in Schweinfurt, Germany. She holds a bachelor in Commercial English from Da Nang College of Foreign Language and now pursuing a second degree in Logistics in Germany. Team - Member Avatar
Leon Albert
Head of Support

Leon joined as an Asian timezone support representative in August 2018.

Before, Leon traveled the world and worked in several jobs applying his technical skills.

Born in the Netherlands, Leon has studied Graphic and Digital Design likes learning about new technologies and traveling Team - Member Avatar
Shuli Yu
Product Manager

Shuli joined as a researcher, with a focus on user testing and customer insights in December 2018 and became our product manager in March 2019.

Before, Shuli was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Originally from Singapore, Shuli holds bachelors in Psychology and Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in cognition and cognitive neuroscience from Michigan State University. Team - Member Avatar
Alex Carroll
Operations Manager

Alex origionally joined as an Asian timezone support representative in March 2019.

With experience in management, working for many years for some of the UK's largest Wide Area Network and Cloud Services Providers, Alex quickly progressed to Support Team Manager in Asia.

Now located in the UK, Alex is now our Operations Manager.

Originally from Manchester, England, Alex loves to travel and experience new cultures. In his spare time loves to cook, watch movies and is learning to play guitar. Team - Member Avatar
Hung Le

Hung joined as a developer in March 2019.

Before joining, Hung was a developer at, a travel website. He was also a developer at several Ruby on Rails agencies.

Hung was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam and holds a bachelor in engineering from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (UIT). He likes laid back weekends without anything planned. Team - Member Avatar
Huyen Dao
UI/UX Designer

Huyen Dao joined as a UI/UX designer in March 2019.

Before, Huyen was a UI/UX designer at Adquest Asia, where she worked with several US based startup clients. Huyen also worked in design roles at MySquar and DocDoc.

Born and raised in Saigon, Huyen spends her free time self-training in UI/UX design and enjoys frequent travel, yoga and meditation. She is also involved in the UI/UX meetups and workshops in Saigon. Team - Member Avatar
Maksim Khier

Maksim joined as a developer in April 2019 when he moved from Shanghai to Saigon.

Before, Maksim was a full stack engineer at HeyShop and Move Shanghai.

Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Maksim holds a master degree in Finance from East China Normal University and is a self-taught developer. Team - Member Avatar
Leonardo Cappillo
Support Lead

Leonardo joined as an American timezone support representative in May 2019 and became the American timezone support lead in May 2020.

Before Leonardo worked as a technician installing security systems on office buildings and studied electronic engineering.

Born in Lima, Peru. Leonardo likes football, mafia movies and classical music. He hopes to become a full stack developer next year. Team - Member Avatar
Cesar Doig

Cesar joined as an American timezone support representative in June 2019.

Before Cesar worked as a marketing intern in the US, and as an administrative adviser and marketing assistant in Peru.

Born in Lima, Peru. Cesar loves soccer and snowboarding, horror movies, video games and rock music. Team - Member Avatar
Louis Estrada

Louis joined as an American Time Zone Customer Support agent in June 2019 and became a tier 2 technical support agent in October 2020

Before Louis worked as a community manager in Peru then began to study web development.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Louis loves his wife, son, and all manner of video games and music. Team - Member Avatar
Kien Tran
Q/A Tester
Kien Tran joined as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in July 2019 and became Q/A Tester in May 2021

Before, Kien worked in MMO business as Shopify Dropshipping team leader.

Born and raised in Sai Gon, he enjoys swimming, watching Youtube and learn about branding on e-commerce business. Team - Member Avatar
Linh Dinh
Linh Dinh joined as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in September 2019 and became a tier 2 technical support agent in June 2020.

Linh is enthusiastic about helping others out using technology.

Being a Product Support executive was not the plan for her professional career. But she grew to enjoy the journey more than she could ever expect. She is currently studying Software Engineering. She also teaches herself piano, guitar and cake baking. Team - Member Avatar
Hien Thai
Operations Assistant

Hien joined as an Operations Assistant in March 2020.

Before, Hien has many years of experience in Administrative roll at international companies.

Aside of the office time, she loves spending time with her baby cat or playing sports like swimming and badminton. Team - Member Avatar
Quynh Nguyen
Support Lead

Quynh Nguyen ("Shiny") joined as Asian timezone support representative in March 2020 and became support lead for Asian timezone in June 2020.

Originally from Cantho, Quynh was previously trained as an English Teacher. Though enjoyed teaching, she has decided to change her career path.

Now living in Ho Chi Minh City, Quynh tries to learn coding and applies her HTML and CSS knowledge to provide amazing customer support. Team - Member Avatar
Lily Vuong
Marketing & Partnerships

Lily joined as our Marketing Writer in March 2020. She is a tech-savvy content enthusiast who takes ownership of writing promotional and instructional content for's Knowledge Base and Blog to help accelerate our growth.

Lily holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and has 3 years of experience in Marketing for international tech companies. Before, Lily was the Marketing Specialist at IT Consultis, a digital agency specialized in omnichannel projects for clients across APAC.

She loves reading books, learning new technologies, traveling around and taking great pictures. Team - Member Avatar
Lam Dong

Lam Dong rejoined as an Asian timezone support representative in May 2020 after first working with us in 2019.

Before, Lam was a CE Verification agent for Kraken, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange.

He enjoys mostly indoor activities like books, video games, etcetera. Lam is self studying to be a web developer. Team - Member Avatar
Genesis Rojas
Genesis joined as an American timezone support representative in June 2020 and became junior team leader in August 2021.

Before, Genesis worked as a administrative assistant and customer service for various companies.

Originally from Táchira, Venezuela, she now lives in Lima, Perú.

In her free time, Genesis enjoys trekking, rock music and dogs. Team - Member Avatar
Alhian Abdessadek
Support Lead

Abdessadek joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in June 2020 and became support lead for European timezone in July 2021

Before, Abdessadek worked as a supplies manager and as a customer adviser in Morocco.

He got a master degree in auditing and management control. But he was always passionate about IT & Web Development.

Born in Ouarzazate, Morocco. Abdessadek loves sports, movies and learning foreign languages. Team - Member Avatar
Juan Chomba
Juan joined as an American timezone Technical Support representative in October 2020.

Before, He worked as a Web Developer, IT Support Assistant and Network Administrator for various companies.

Juan was born in Lima, Peru and has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. He enjoys reading books and watching sci-fi TV Shows in his spare time. Team - Member Avatar
Mohammed El Majnioui

Mohamed joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in October 2020.

Before, Mohamed was self-employed. He worked as a freelancer building and creating websites.

He studied economy for two years, and has a degree in IT development.

Mohamed has always been fond of anything that's IT-related so he likes video-games and sports. Team - Member Avatar
Bilal Mouhtat
Bilal MOUHTAT joined in January 2021.

He was born in Taza a small city in Morocco then he moved to Oujda to continue his studies. He has a master's degree in IT Applied in Economics.

Previously Bilal was working as a Web Editor, now he joins team as French-speaking customer support.

Bilal was passionate about IT since his childhood. He loves reading books and traveling. Team - Member Avatar
Thang Phung
Thang "Patrick" Phung joined as an Asian Time Zone Customer Support in March 2021.

Before, Thang worked as a PHP Developing Collaborator for MGI Global, a company that applies technology in the real estate business.

Thang's major is Marketing at Open University but his goal is to be a Javascript full-stack developer in the future. He is really into coding but also enjoys spending time with his cat and swimming. Team - Member Avatar
Mountassir Billah Bouyebla
Mountassir Billah joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in March 2021.

Before, Mountassir Billah was a Full time External Auditor. He created websites as a freelancer. He has a Bachelor of Science (Business and Management), and he is certified as full stack Developer.

He plays Guitar and loves Video-Games Team - Member Avatar
Omar Jakrir
Omar joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in March 2021.

Before, Omar was self-employed. Creating and managing blogs. He studied two years in IT and Network Maintenance and Support, followed by two years in IT Development.

Since a young age, Omar always found information technology a very interesting domain and his goal was to be part of it.

He enjoys hiking, blogging, video games and discovering new music. Team - Member Avatar
Joseph Joel Infante Ysla
Joseph joined as an American Timezone Customer Support in March 2021.

Before Joseph worked as a developer on a fintech startup in Peru.

Born in Hamamatsu, Japan. Joseph loves riding his motorcycle, playing video games, programming and learning more about blockchain technology. Team - Member Avatar
Thinh Nguyen
Thinh joined as an Asian Time Zone Customer Support in April 2021.

Before, Thinh worked as a web developer. His major is IT Service Science.

He enjoys reading, listening to music and learning new things related to IT. Team - Member Avatar
Hamza Ouasti
Hamza joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in April 2021.

Before, Hamza was a software fresh graduate engineer, who created web applications. He has a bachelor’s degree in general engineering and a master’s degree in software development.

He is passionate about discovering new things and loves to play basketball, guitar and to travel. Team - Member Avatar
Phat Nguyen
Phat Nguyen joined as an Asian Time Zone Customer Support in May 2021.

Before, Phat was a Customer Success Executive at a Singapore Telecommunication Company. He has a Bachelor degree in International Business but he’s taking a new road by learning HTML and CSS by himself.

He loves astronomy, listening to music, singing, watching Sci-fi movies and playing Video games. Team - Member Avatar
Seán Butler
Product Account Executive
Seán joined as a Product Account Executive in July 2021.

Before, Seán worked as a manager and tailoring specialist in men’s fashion. He also worked in digital marketing in the theatre sector.

Seán is originally from Dublin, Ireland and moved to London to study Theatre Directing under Katie Mitchell, OBE. He holds an MA in Theatre Directing from Royal Holloway, University of London and a BA in English and Art History from University College Dublin. He writes and directs for theatre in his spare time. Team - Member Avatar
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen joined as a developer in July 2021

Before, Hoang was a Senior Developer at, a travel website. He also worked as a senior developer at Inspire Ventures.

He lives in Ho Chi Minh City, he spends a lot of time learning new technologies, reading books and taking care of his family. Team - Member Avatar
Luc Dang
Site Reliability Engineer
Luc joined in July 2021.

Before, Luc was the senior devops engineer for Skylab that provides critical IoT data logistic solutions to enterprises based in Singapore. Luc is a full-stack developer and his skill set includes Ruby on Rails, docker, Kubernetes, AWS, EKS, MySQL, Linux, React…

Luc is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor degree in Information System from University of Information Technology VNU-HCM. Team - Member Avatar
Christian Gomez
Chris Gomez joined the team as an American time zone support in July 2021.

Before Chris worked as a tour guide and freelancer designer.

Chris has a bachelors degree in General Administration and Management and a bachelor of technology in Web design and digital development.

Chris likes to make and play music as well as singing and playing StarCraft 2. He hopes to learn and improve his coding skills to be able to develop his own tech projects. Team - Member Avatar
Lam Thai
Lam joined in July 2021 as a full-stack developer.

He has more than 15 years in the software development industry and launched many products from ideas to market.

He loves coffee, coding and reading. Data/ML is also an interesting field he wants to deep dive in the next 5 years. Team - Member Avatar
Elina Ivaker
People Co-ordinator
Elina joined as People Coordinator in July 2021.

Before, Elina worked as an Executive Assistant Volunteer for a charity in London.

She was born and raised in Sweden but moved to London in 2016. In her free time, Elina enjoys watching movies, painting, and spending time with friends. Team - Member Avatar
Khoa Dam
Technical Trainer
Khoa joined as Technical Trainer in August 2021.

Khoa was a backend developer at FPT Software before joining He had been teaching several Full-stack bootcamps at

Born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam, Khoa holds a bachelor in commerce from Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia). He loves programming so much that he switched his career from finance to coding and has learned a few programming languages and still counting. Team - Member Avatar
Anna Popova
Data Scientist
Anna joined as a Data Scientist in September 2021.

Before, Anna had many years of experience in IT Project Manager role at Integros, SugarCRM partner, facilitating CRM solution implementations.

Originally from Ukraine, Anna has a bachelor's degree in Economics and master's degree in Project management and consulting from Kyiv National Economic University. Also, Anna is a self-taught data scientist.

In her free time, Anna enjoys extending her programming skills, researching new machine learning technologies, traveling and pursuing active sports like snowboarding and kitesurfing. Team - Member Avatar
Christian Villarreal
Christian joined as Customer Support Agent in Peru in September 2021.

Before, Christian was Host in Hotels and Restaurants. He also has experience as a Hotelier and Mountaineering, working in Venezuela, Argentina and Perú

Graduated from the Hotel Escuela of the Venezuelan Andes, he holds an University degree in Hotelier and Hospitality Services.

Originally from Mérida-Venezuela, he loves languages, rock climbing, and parkour, also sharing experience and knowledge. Team - Member Avatar
Michael Knott
Junior Developer
Michael joined in October 2021 as a Junior Full Stack Developer, based in London.

He has 7 years experience in the travel industry and has recently made a career change after several years self-teaching and then attending a bootcamp in coding.

He likes music, food, scale modeling and PC gaming. Team - Member Avatar
Thanh Pham
Thanh joined as a Technical Customer support in October 2021.

Before, Thanh worked as a Sale support at Itochu Japanese trading group. She has a language and assistant background for a Japanese company.

She was born and raised in HCM city. She is a cat lover and she has a passion for travel and learning foreign languages. Team - Member Avatar
Don Nguyen

Don joined as a Technical Customer Support Agent in October 2021.

Before, Don worked at a technology company in a Customer Success role. He has a background in design but is now pursuing a tech career.

In his free time, Don enjoys reading, learning languages and going out with friends. Team - Member Avatar
Que Nguyen

Que joined as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in October 2021.

Before, she worked at a technology company as a Customer Success.

Now living in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet Nam, she enjoys travelling, outdoor activities, and learning technology. Team - Member Avatar
Zakaria Bouzegouar
Zakaria Joined as a Customer Support Agent in October 2021.

Before, Zakaria worked in Web Development and E-commerce store management. He was born in Casablanca, where he studied 2 years of IT Development and 2 years of Economic Sciences. He is a Microsoft certified professional and specialist in HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

He is also a huge fan of IT and AI technologies. Team - Member Avatar
Miguel da Costa

Miguel joined as a UX/UI Designer / Design Manager in November 2021.

Before, Miguel worked as a UX Designer helping e-commerce stores raise their conversions through best in class design solutions. Throughout his career, Miguel has worked with a range of different clients like supplement brands, airlines and non-alcoholic beers.

Miguel was born in Switzerland, studied in Lisbon and is now set in London. Team - Member Avatar
Fatima Azzahra Nait Ajjou
Fatima Azzahra joined as a French Speaking Customer Support Agent in November 2021.

She was born in Tafraout, a small city in Morocco. She then moved to Agadir to continue her two years of studies in a higher school of Technology. She has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Systems and Software Engineering.

Now living in Casablanca, she enjoys travelling, cooking and spending time with friends.

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SUPPORT team in lima, peru

Our customer support team is mostly based in Lima, Peru. We also have a small support team in Saigon, Vietnam and a few remote superstars working from Germany and Costa Rica.

work at Team - Work at

Interested in is an ever-expanding team of developers, designers, tech-enthusiasts, thinkers and explorers from over 12 nationalities. We are on the lookout for additional team members who want a taste of fast-paced app development in an international startup environment.