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Peter-Jan Celis

Founder & CEO

Peter-Jan "PJ" Celis wrote our first line of code on his 29th birthday in January 2015. He first worked on Judge.me as a weekend and evening project, going full time in June of 2016.

Before founding Judge.me, PJ was a strategy consultant, Ruby on Rails developer, marketing lead in medical tourism, and founder of an online arbitration company.

Originally from Belgium, PJ moved to Vietnam to start Judge.me and is currently living in London. He holds a master degree in applied economics from the KULeuven.

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Linh Dam

Co-founder & CTO

Linh Dam is the CTO of Judge.me and was involved in the project from day 1. Originally working weekends on Judge.me starting January 2015, Linh went full time in April of 2016.

Before Judge.me, Linh was the front-end lead for HipVan, a multimillion dollar furniture ecommerce company based in Singapore. Linh is a fullstack developer, building on his job experience as a Ruby of Rails developer.

Linh is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from RMIT.

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Shuli Yu

Head of Product

Shuli joined Judge.me as a researcher, with a focus on user testing and customer insights in December 2018 and became our product manager in March 2019.

Before Judge.me, Shuli was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Originally from Singapore, Shuli holds bachelors in Psychology and Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in cognition and cognitive neuroscience from Michigan State University.

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Quynh Nguyen

Head of Support

Quynh Nguyen ("Shiny") joined Judge.me as Asian timezone support representative in March 2020 and became support lead for Asian timezone in June 2020.

Originally from Cantho, Quynh was previously trained as an English Teacher. Though enjoyed teaching, she has decided to change her career path.

Now living in Ho Chi Minh City, Quynh tries to learn coding and applies her HTML and CSS knowledge to provide amazing customer support.

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Debra Peter

Chief of Staff & Head of Operations

Debra joined the Judge.me team in Feb 2023 as the Head of Operations.

Prior to Judge.me, Debra had experiences in scaling early-stage technology startups along strategic and operational priorities. She often aligned the business needs and rallied the right stakeholders together to drive execution.

Originally from Singapore, Debra has recently moved to the UK and is currently living in London. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the Singapore Management University.

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Ricki Lawal

Head of Marketing

Ricki joined Judge.me in July 2023 as a marketer and entrepreneur.

Before joining the judge.me team, Ricki was a Judge.me customer. Having used the app for 2+ years in her own home fragrance brand, Ricki joined to provide a customer centric approach to marketing. Prior to running her own business, Ricki led EMEA Marketing for a Software and Services Company, and has experience in running customer centric research and segmentation approaches for banks and management consultancies.

Ricki holds a BSc in Psychology from the University of Bath and is an avid traveller. Ask her where's next on the list.

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