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Peter-Jan Celis
Founder & CEO

Peter-Jan "PJ" Celis wrote our first line of code on his 29th birthday in January 2015. He first worked on Judge.me as a weekend and evening project, going full time in June of 2016.

Before founding Judge.me, PJ was a strategy consultant, Ruby on Rails developer, marketing lead in medical tourism, and founder of an online arbitration company.

Originally from Belgium, PJ moved to Vietnam to start Judge.me and is currently traveling around Europe. He holds a master degree in applied economics from the KULeuven.

Linh Dam
Co-founder & CTO

Linh Dam is the CTO of Judge.me and was involved in the project from day 1. Originally working weekends on Judge.me starting January 2015, Linh went full time in April of 2016.

Before Judge.me, Linh was the front-end lead for HipVan, a multimillion dollar furniture ecommerce company based in Singapore. Linh is a fullstack developer, building on his job experience as a Ruby of Rails developer.

Linh is born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. He holds a bachelor degree in computer science from RMIT.

Octavian Babus

Octavian Babus joined Judge.me as a developer in May of 2017. A logician from Romania, Octavian became a developer after moving to Vietnam.

Before Judge.me, Octavian was a Ruby on Rails developer at Dagoba.io, a fledgling ecommerce platform.

Octavian was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania. He holds a master degree in mathematics from the University of Bucharest and a PhD in computer science from the University of Leicester.

Annie Le

Khe Uyen Hoang "Annie" Le joined Judge.me as an Asian timezone support representative in October of 2017.

Before Judge.me, Annie was an account executive at Tenzing Pacific Insurance Services and member of the Global Talent Program at AIESEC Vietnam.

Annie is born and raised in Da Nang, Vietnam and now lives in Schweinfurt, Germany. She holds a bachelor in Commercial English from Da Nang College of Foreign Language and now pursuing a second degree in Logistics in Germany.

Leon Albert
Head of Support

Leon joined Judge.me as an Asian timezone support representative in August 2018.

He previously was an engineer in the Royal Dutch Army in charge of military communication systems where he was commissioned to a counter-IED mission in Mali. He also worked in various jobs that required him to apply his technical knowledge in direct contact with customers.

Born in the Netherlands, Leon has studied Graphic and Digital Design and received leadership and engineering training during his five years in the Royal Army.

Hasan Armstrong

Hasan joined Judge.me as an Asian timezone support representative in October 2018 and, after a coding bootcamp and internal training, became a developer in August 2019.

Before Judge.me, Hasan worked as a Math and Science teacher.

Hasan was born in Great Britain and moved to Vietnam in 2017. He holds a degree in Biomedical Science from Nottingham Trent University. In his spare time, he enjoys training in mixed martial arts.

Jhair Silva

Jhair joined Judge.me as an American timezone support representative in October 2018.

Passionate about technology since he was a kid, Jhair got a Bachelor of Laws in the second biggest national university in Peru but his vocation moved to IT as he became a freelance designer and SEO/e-commerce consultant.

Jhair is from Lima and currently studies software engineering at the Technological University of Peru (UTP). He loves dogs, video games, and reads about almost anything.

Javi Garcia

Javi Garcia joined Judge.me as an Asian timezone support representative in November 2018.

Javi was born in Spain and holds a degree in Media Communication. His career is built around his computer skills and customer service attitude, with a background of more than 10 years in different fields such as tourism, exportation, video editing and film production.

Javi likes to do regular swimming, but he also loves to just sit on his sofa to watch movies and play games. Javi claims that it will be gaming that will prevent him from getting old.

Ryan Chatterton

Ryan joined Judge.me as the editor of our blog in November 2018.

Before Judge.me, Ryan founded Coworking Insights, a coworking online media platform, which was sold to Coworker.com in 2017. Ryan is also the Content Director at Habu, a coworking Saas.

Born and raised in Utah, Ryan holds an associate degree in economics from Salt Lake Community College. Ryan currently lives in Bansko, Bulgaria and enjoys traveling, wine and tacos.

Shuli Yu
Product Manager

Shuli joined Judge.me as a researcher, with a focus on user testing and customer insights in December 2018 and became our product manager in March 2019.

Before Judge.me, Shuli was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.

Originally from Singapore, Shuli holds bachelors in Psychology and Information Systems Management from Singapore Management University and a PhD in Psychology with a specialization in cognition and cognitive neuroscience from Michigan State University.

Alex Carroll
Operations Manager

Alex joined Judge.me as an Asian timezone support representative in March 2019 and became our Operations Manager in September 2019.

Before Judge.me, Alex had a career as a Service Manager for a large UK based Wide area Network and Cloud Services Provider.

Now living in Ho Chi Minh City, Alex is a self taught coder and applies his JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge to provide amazing support.

Originally from Manchester, England, Alex left the UK in pursuit of warmer weather and to pursue his career in IT. In his spare time, when not relaxing, he continues to study both code and Spanish.

Hung Le

Hung joined Judge.me as a developer in March 2019.

Before joining Judge.me, Hung was a developer at StayJapan.com, a travel website. He was also a developer at several Ruby on Rails agencies.

Hung was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam and holds a bachelor in engineering from the Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (UIT). He likes laid back weekends without anything planned.

Huyen Dao
UI/UX Lead Designer

Huyen Dao joined Judge.me as a UI/UX designer in March 2019.

Before Judge.me, Huyen was a UI/UX designer at Adquest Asia, where she worked with several US based startup clients. Huyen also worked in design roles at MySquar and DocDoc.

Born and raised in Saigon, Huyen spends her free time self-training in UI/UX design and enjoys frequent travel, yoga and meditation. She is also involved in the UI/UX meetups and workshops in Saigon.

Maksim Khier

Maksim joined Judge.me as a developer in April 2019 when he moved from Shanghai to Saigon.

Before Judge.me, Maksim was a full stack engineer at HeyShop and Move Shanghai.

Originally from Kyrgyzstan, Maksim holds a master degree in Finance from East China Normal University and is a self-taught developer.

Leonardo Cappillo
Support Lead

Leonardo joined Judge.me as an American timezone support representative in May 2019 and became the American timezone support lead in May 2020..

Before Judge.me Leonardo worked as a technician installing security systems on office buildings and studied electronic engineering.

Born in Lima, Peru. Leonardo likes football, mafia movies and classical music. He hopes to become a full stack developer next year.

Lyndell Dalrymple

Lyndell joined Judge.me as an American timezone support representative in May 2019.

Before Judge.me Lyndell worked as a Web Content Developer for a travel company and previously worked as Computer Technician.

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Lyndell is previously trained in Network Computer Technician and Journalism. He enjoys American Football, music media and editing videos as a hobby.

Cesar Doig

Cesar joined Judge.me as an American timezone support representative in June 2019.

Before Judge.me Cesar worked as a marketing intern in the US, and as an administrative adviser and marketing assistant in Peru.

Born in Lima, Peru. Cesar loves soccer and snowboarding, horror movies, video games and rock music.

Louis Estrada

Louis Joined Judge.me as an American timezone Technical Support agent in June 2019.

Before Judge.me Louis worked as a community manager in Peru then began to study web development.

Born in Atlanta, Georgia. Louis loves his wife, son, and all manner of video games and music.

Kien Tran
Kien Tran joined Judge.me as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in July 2019.

Before Judge.me, Kien worked for E-Commerce Companies as customer help lead.

Born and raised in Sai Gon, he enjoys swimming, watching Youtube and learn about branding on e-commerce business.
Linh Dinh
Linh Dinh joined Judge.me as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in September 2019.

Linh is enthusiastic about helping others out using technology.

Being a Product Support executive was not the plan for her professional career. But she grew to enjoy the journey more than she could ever expect.

She is currently studying Software Engineering. She also teaches herself piano, guitar and cake baking.
Hien Thai
Operations Assistant

Hien joined Judge.me as an Operations Assistant in March 2020.

Before Judge.me, Hien has many years of experience in Administrative roll at international companies.

Aside of the office time, she loves spending time with her baby cat or playing sports like swimming and badminton. She's also a tech savvy and currently teaches herself python at weekends.

Quynh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen joined Judge.me as Asian Time Zone Customer Support in March 2019.

Originally from Cantho, Quynh was previously trained as an English Teacher. Though enjoyed teaching, she has decided to change her career path.

Now living in Ho Chi Minh City, Quynh tries to learn coding and applies her HTML and CSS knowledge to provide amazing customer support.

Lily Vuong

Lily is the Marketing Writer at Judge.me. She is a tech-savvy content enthusiast who takes ownership of writing promotional and instructional content for Judge.me's Knowledge Base and Blog to help accelerate our growth.

Lily holds a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and has 3 years of experience in Marketing for international tech companies. Before Judge.me, Lily was the Marketing Specialist at IT Consultis, a digital agency specialized in omnichannel projects for clients across APAC.

She loves reading books, learning new technologies, traveling around and taking great pictures.


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SUPPORT team in lima, peru
Our customer support team is mostly based in Lima, Peru. We also have a small support team in Saigon, Vietnam and a few remote superstars working from Germany and Costa Rica.

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