Yotpo vs Judge.me

Looking for an affordable Yotpo alternative? Judge.me is the cost-effective yet feature-rich reviews app!


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6. Free reviews carousel with 6 different themes
7. SMS review requests
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9. Social push on Facebook and Twitter
8. Review Widget and Preview Badge stars
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3. Free photo and videos in reviews
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4. Free SEO rich snippets
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2. Unlimited review requests on all plans
1. Affordable, flat pricing
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Judge.me vs Yotpo
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5. Chrome extension to import reviews from AliExpress


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Unlimited review requests

Both our Forever Free and Awesome ($15/month) plans offer unlimited orders and review requests. Meanwhile, Yotpo limits below 50 orders per month on their Free plan and the price you pay scales up with more orders.
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I was on Yotpo which costs around $299 for 500 orders and does almost the same as Judge.me. Judge.me costs $15 for the same service! Huge savings. The app staff is the best I have ever encountered and they resolve all issues via emails within minutes.
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Free photo and video reviews

Your reviewers can include photos and videos in reviews for free. Meanwhile, you need to pay at least $19 to have photo reviews (and even more for video reviews) in Yotpo.
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This app is amazing! I need an app where I easily showcase my customer reviews on each product. I love that my customers can add a photo to the product as a picture speaks a thousand words.
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Free reviews carousel

You can create a carousel of featured reviews, choose among 6 different themes and place it anywhere in your store. This widget is totally free in Judge.me, while you need to pay at least $19 to get it in Yotpo.
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I am using so many features of this app. Not only is it great to display reviews, but there is also a nice reviews carousel I put on our homepage. Great review request automation features so you don't have to do anything. Also the ability to push reviews to social feeds such as Facebook and add review badges to your footer and more. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Rescate
CEO of Luvsy
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Switching from Yotpo to Judge.me is really simple

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1. Install Judge.me on your theme

Our support team will add new widgets to your theme when you enable them, so you don't have to touch any code yourself.
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2. Export existing reviews from Yotpo

Download your reviews from Yotpo, or contact support at Yotpo to get a copy of your reviews.
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3. Import reviews into Judge.me

Upload your Yotpo reviews into Judge.me yourself, or send the file to support@judge.me and we’ll do the migration for you!

Ready to make the switch?

frequently asked questions

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Would you be able to create the same layout that we configured in Yotpo?

We can do basic customizations such as color, font, size, etc. Just send us a customization request with as many details as possible. Another option is to let us set up Judge.me before you uninstall Yotpo. Then, we can replicate your current settings as much as possible.

Can you install the widgets on an unpublished theme first?


You can choose the theme you’d like to install during the onboarding process, then follow this guide to add your widgets via Shopify theme editor.

How do I transfer my reviews from Yotpo to Judge.me?


You can easily export your existing reviews from Yotpand then import them into Judge.me yourself (remember to select Yotpo format). Alternatively, you can send us the import file and our support team will take care of it for you.

What about all my old pictures, do I have to download and re-upload them into Judge.me?


When you export your existing reviews from Yotpo, most of the time, the link to your existing review pictures is included as part of the CSV file. This means that these pictures will automatically be linked to your reviews when you upload the CSV file into Judge.me.

What happens with existing reviews on my site? Will I see 2 sets of duplicated reviews while making the transition?


You can export your existing reviews and import them into Judge.me easily. To avoid duplicated reviews, you should contact Yotpo's customer support to remove the codes completely from your store. Contact support@judge.me if you have more questions.

We drive a lot of our sales through Google Search and Google Shopping. When we move our review service, will the star reviews stop showing during the transition period?


The stars may disappear during the transition period, but this often happens very quickly and goes unnoticed. To minimize any disruption, we recommend that you let us set up Judge.me before uninstalling Yotpo, so there is a shorter overlapping period to make the transition smoother.

What about my verified reviews? Can you display the “verified badge” for my old reviews?


Most of the time, we can automatically verify existing reviews based on your shop's order history. But if this is not possible, you need to show evidence that the reviewers have previously bought your products. Just send us a screenshot showing that you collected verified reviews on Yotpo and an excerpt of your customer list for us to identify a sample of reviews. We'll then verify the reviews for you.

What if I am not satisfied with Judge.me?


Just let us know! We are very happy to make customizations and hear feedback, so just get hold of us at support@judge.me or via live chat. We also offer refunds within 30 days, no questions asked.

Note: Judge.me is not associated with Yotpo in this article. We have produced and processed this article in good faith, from sources believed to be reliable at the time of writing (7th December 2020). However, no warranty, expressed or implied, is made regarding accuracy, adequacy, completeness, legality, reliability or usefulness of any information. Please use this information at your discretion and remember to check for updates directly with Yotpo.