Manage Your Reviews


Manage your reviews and re-engage with the reviewers from the reviews dashboard.

Curate reviews

Publish your reviews automatically with predetermined conditions, or moderate them from the dashboard before publishing.

Add reviews to the carousel

Handpick the most remarkable reviews to showcase in the Review Carousel.

Reply to reviews

Reply to the reviewers publicly on the widget or privately via emails.

Ask for review update

Send emails to encourage the reviewers to update their negative reviews after resolving the issue.

Filter spam reviews

Filter spam reviews and move them automatically to the spam dashboard.

Censor or hide reviews with profanity

Detect improper language in your reviews, then censor those words or completely hide the reviews.

Syndicate reviews across products and shops

Display the same reviews on multiple products in the same product groups or shop groups.

Translate reviews

Translate the content of your reviews (integrate with Weglot).


Display your star ratings and reviews on your storefront, search and upselling products.

Marketing, suggestions and upsells

Supercharge your marketing efforts by adding review information in upselling or cross-selling products (Reconvert, LimeSpot Personalizer, Frequently Bought Together, Wiser, etc.).

Page builders

Add Judge.me widgets when building your customized pages (PageFly, LayoutHub, GemPages, Shopney, Vajro, etc.).


Show review count and star ratings in the product search (Searchanise, Boost AI Search & Discovery, Sparq, etc.).

Storefront notifications

Show the latest reviews in pop-ups to catch the attention of your store visitors (Fomo, ProveSource, Recently).


Install & Customize Widgets

Collect Reviews On Autopilot

Engage Your Reviewers

Share Reviews

Install & Customize Widgets

Install user-friendly widgets to display reviews and Q&A. Customize their design to match your store’s theme.

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Collect Reviews On Autopilot

Create custom email templates and schedule unlimited review requests to collect more verified reviews.

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Engage Your Reviewers

Reply to reviews, reward reviewers with coupons, create follow-up flows with app integrations like Klavyio.

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Share Reviews

Increase conversions. Share reviews on social media; boost SEO with rich snippets and Google Shopping.

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