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Superior Feline
Nov 17, 2022

I LOVE this app and the team! I added this to my Squarespace website because of the direct integration and because I wanted more options than the native Squarespace review asset. I sell in-person and online, so I wanted an option for people that purchase from me at in-person events to be able to leave a review, too.

Upon sign-up, I was offered an orientation session so I signed up for it so that I could learn more about the features of the app and also get a couple questions answered. Cesar was incredibly helpful! I learned so much and he was so friendly and easy to talk to! In fact, our session went longer than planned because he truly cared about making sure I understood the ins and outs of the app. THANK YOU Cesar!

And then I contacted support because I wanted smaller size fonts for the review widget than what was being pulled in from the default Squarespace fonts. Hamza helped me out with that and made sure that it looked exactly the way I wanted it to. I'm just...

The Artistic Way
Sep 15, 2022

Thanks to the Judge.Me team for their efficiency! I have contacted them several times for the settings of my site's reviews, I have always been in front of people who are attentive and super responsive to answer my requests. I recommend them 100%!!!

Aug 29, 2022

I was really frustrated after I paid for the Awesome subscription as I did not know how to navigate the widgets or what to do. I cancelled my subscription soon after I paid because I did not know how to install. I encountered agent Louis through live chat, and he was so patient and knowledgeable, and helped me with everything. I repaid for the subscription and I am so happy with his service. I have talked to multiple agents on here, but he was the best! He was so quick to answer my questions and we figured out how to install the review widget on my Squarespace website. Not just good service, but perfect service! THANK YOU SO MUCH LOUIS!!!! Get this guy a raise!!!! :D

Aug 24, 2022

very helpful and prompt with lots of initiative. thanks lam for your assistance! really good stuff.

lucy morningstar
Aug 13, 2022 customer service is very responsive and helpful. If you find it confusing to set up, or are having some problems, reach out to the chat. You'll be helped by a real person, and not a bot.

Richard Steven Goforth
Aug 12, 2022

Cesar guided me through this app. I got a bit confused about setting up the txt and cname so I should have asked about that some more. I figured it out I think. Cesar was confident, professional, and very likeable in my introductory walk through. I am impressed by the integration with Google. I feel like I have a partner working in the background on my website. If I ever need the pro version I will gladly upgrade because of the high level of customer support. sets the standard by which I judge all my Squarespace extensions. Par excellence!