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I'm Valentina Chirico, Egyptologist and a full-time senior marketing writer. I've been online since 2009 and I truly enjoy it. My home is where I discuss beauty, skincare - Korean skincare being my favourite - indie fashion and beauty in archaeology.
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I'M FROM Fig Cleasing Balm

Y know when you wake up from a nightmare and wish to shake that cold feeling off? Life things aren't easy to wash off as makeup does! If it doesn't, there's @imfrom_global Fig Cleansing Balm that solves and dissolves your colourful mess. It smells of summer, the coast, home.
Find how to use it my #review at and a money-saving coupon below.

I wish life was that easy!

An #instareview by
Valentina Chirico,
the #beautyarchaeologist

#Koreanskincare #crueltyfree #vegan #figs #summertime #greenbeauty #lifehacks #imfrom #wishtrend #skincareroutine #cleanskin #curadellapelle #instabeauty #aesthetic #skincarefaves #fruity Product Image
Fig Cleansing Balm
USD 30.0
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Smile Brilliant cariPRO dental probiotics - review & giveaway -

Good bacteria play a big role in our gut health, but fewer of us know they can do a lot for our smiles. Smile Brilliant shows what cariPRO dental probiotics can do.

cariPRO is a healthy dietary supplement for your mouth and upper body immune system by Smile Brilliant. A jar with a one-month supply of supplements ($24) in the form of chewable tables gives you a little help to support and rebuilt a balanced microbiome in your mouth. One tablet a night, after brushing your teeth, is all you need to do with cariPRO.

These oral supplements have a vegan-friendly, GMO, gluten and sugar-free formula enriched with a blend of probiotics (lactobacillus paracasei, lacotbacillus plantarum, lactobacillus rhamnosus and streptococcus salivarious). These dental probiotics work overnight without causing you a sugar rush or making you more hungry. Stevia leaves extract and natural cherry & pomegranate flavour gives a juicy, authentic taste. The same protection is offered to the youngest ones with the formula of the Dental Probiotics for Kids plus a berry taste.

I could feel the first signs after one week when I woke up with a fresher and lighter breath. Other positive signs followed in the next three weeks with less sensitiveness to sweet and temperature changes. These changes are small but they suggest something good is happening. I might guess that continuous use will improve my oral health and strengthen my resistance to hot-cold shocks.... read more Product Image
Dental Probiotics Adults
USD 24.0
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Merci Handy - Natural Magic Plants Aloe Vera + Hemp

Make peace with your dry and upset #skin! You can be all peace&love with the Natural Magic Plants new hydrating line by @mercihandy (#complimentaryfrommercuhandy)...
🌿You read it right because Merci Handy isn't just about soft and scented hands.
This range is all about fun and the benefits of aloe vera (cooling and calming) and hemp oil (revitalising). 🍃 It consists of very basic steps for your #skincare routine such as cleansing, boosting and hydrating. To introduce you to this "trippy" journey, here's my two cents on the Facial Cleansing Stick, Protective Face Mist and Moisturizing Facial Jelly.
🌿The facial cleansing stick is your cleanser in a solid version with small hemp flakes. As the brand loves puns and fun, this cleanser is fun to use and gently purifying. 🌊 The protective face mist is a refreshing and ultra-fine spray that feels extremely pleasant and light, followed by the moisturizing facial jelly to complete a simple routine ready for summertime. Not to be repetitive but the gel is fun and fresh as the rest of the link. Light, not sticky, quickly hydrating.
The smell is that of the nice season: like breeze, slightly herbal and sweet at the same time but light. I know you're tempted to dip your fingers in this jelly pot... it's so nice! Find the #mercihandy collection online in the link in bio and here:

A #flashreview by
Valentina Chirico,
the #beautyarchaeologist

#skincare #review #dryskin #gogreen #greenskincare #skicareroutine #curadellapelle #octolyfamily #iibloggers #bbloggers #instareview #crueltyfree #veganfriendly #travelfriendly #sensitiveskin #springskin #havefun #jello #instabeauty #cuidadodelapiel Product Image
Protective Face Mist
EUR 7.99
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Skagen Denmark - Freja Lille Rose Gold Mesh Watch (KW2665)

If you ask me what time is it, I tell you how long until the weekend. :D

Fun fact: did you know that I started wearing watches just a couple of years ago, seriously? My grandpa was used to giving me little watches to get me into responsibility and good habits but... nothing. They went all in my side table drawer- aka cemetery of stuff.
He would be happy now.

Serious bits, a review: this ladies' watch is designed by Skagen Denmark, Freja SKW2665. A featherlight, minimal watch with micro-faceted crystals on the dial as the hours' signpost. Rose-gold case and matching mesh metallic strap. Elegant, timeless but not old-lady style.
This is something to introduce you to wearing watches: it's skin-flat so that you barely feel it but you can see it shining on and on. Something you can wear day and night without overdoing your outfit. Is it your type?

A #flashreview by
Valentina Chirico,
the #beautyarchaeologist

#InsidersUK_watches #myskagen #accessories #watches #rosegold #bbloggers #detailoftheday #womenaccessories #ibblogger #fashioninspo #instafashion #jewelrygram #minimal
#ladieswatch #crystals #designerbrand #skagen #watches #watchesofinstagram Product Image
Skagen Denmark - Freja Lille Rose Gold-Tone Steel Mesh Watch
GBP 109.0
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Roccabox, February 2022 "Perfect Night Sleep" box - review

Roccabox February 2022 beauty box wasn't about love and hearts but a lovely beauty sleep

This month's pink box was valued at £71.50 but it's available at around £15 plus shipping costs. Unbox it with me to see how it feels.

The topic of this monthly box is a good night's sleep based on the fact more and more people experienced difficulties falling asleep during the pandemic.

The box contains well 4 full-size products and one travel size of the Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser which seems quite generous. The choice of product is perfectly fitting to the nighttime with items to prep the skin before going to bed and relax both your bedroom atmosphere and body.

Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser is a good value in this box, this is a chemical exfoliating facial cleanser with jojoba beads. Considering this formulation, it's a weekly treatment to be used a week at night. It feels refreshing and smoothing, sensible enough on my combo skin. This is approved

Beauty Pro 1% Retinol Overnight Serum is a full-size product retailed £12. It's an antiageing face serum with seaweed-based retinol. It has an aquatic and fresh scent but a sticky consistency, making the application not completely pleasant.
Once dry, it leaves the skin smooth and still nicely hydrated the morning after. This sits in the so-so category solely for its consistency.

Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray is a full-size product retailed £3.50. This pillow spray combines essential oils of lavender and chamomile in a perfect balance. This is great for those who aren't a fan of lavender scented products or the essential oil itself. I would recommend spraying it from a distance and way in advance before nighttime because each spray is quite powerful and one is enough. This is approved by a person strongly hostile to lavender...

Paul Yacomine Body Oil is another full-size product, although it looks rather small in its 50ml aluminium bottle for £32. This is a luxury body oil with nourishing and elasticising rosehip oil and macadamia oil and plenty of flowery notes. It's said to have tropical flower notes of ylang-ylang but its scent feels quite Occidental to my nose. Opening it can be a deed if you break the opening ring or rush around. A tiny amount makes my skin glow but the scent isn't my cup of tea. It's a nice treatment and massage oil in one, two features that save it.

A nighttime-theme box can't be concluded without relaxing bath salts! Skin and Tonic Slow Down Bath Soak is inspired by the Japanese ritual of forest bathing. It's the fourth full-size product in February Roccabox and is valued at £9. These eucalyptus Epsom salts have a touch of cedarwood and rosemary creating a welcoming warm and round fragrance plus CBD from upcycled help to give an extra oomph to your bath. As a shower person, I like this relaxing bath and the scent that evolves from my bathtub vapours. The glass jar seems small but a handful of salts is enough. This is approved.

The value and the quality of each brand and discovery go hand in hand with the attentive care in the making of a box with a meaning and a real topic. When it comes to particularly scented products, a box like this risks being easily a hit or a miss but Roccabox kept surprising by the pointing on quality and usefulness

All in all, this has been an intriguing experience worth trying again especially considering the size of the "travel size" and prices. Product Image
Roccabox beauty box
GBP 17.95
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byWishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water - review + before & after -

Put your laziness aside for a couple of weeks. An extra step like byWishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water can really do something extra...

Read the full review: Product Image
Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water - BY WISHTREND | Wishtrend
USD 22.0
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Can I extend the season of 'pumpkin spice and...

everything nice' a bit more? 'course! I do anyway. 🥧

If you bloody love customising your #jewellery and bijoux, have fun at @stteicom. You imagine it, Sttei makes it real for you. You say the word and your rules like me wearing a wig without any 'reasonable reason' 🤣
Enjoy 30% OFF with valens30, my #thanskgiving gift for you. Check the link in bio...

More #sparkle to your day by
Valentina Chirico,
the 'beauty archaeologist'

#giftideas #jewelleryaddict #bbloggers #detailoftheday #womenaccessories #autumnvibes #ibblogger #fashionforall #fashioninspo #instafashion #jewels #gioielli #passionegioielli #bijoux #affordablefashion #instajewels #jewelrygram #shineonjewelry #jewelrygram #pumpkinspice #redhairhavemorefun #goldenhour Product Image
Halloween Custom Name Necklace in Gold, Rose Gold and Silver
GBP 15.76
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