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"Layla" Large Picnic Rug

"Layla" Large Picnic Rug

$155.00 AUD

The Layla: A Large Picnic Rug & Cotton Picnic Blanket Make sweet memories with our loveable Layla extra large picnic rug. The Layla large picnic blanket is a beautiful fringed woven cotton picnic blanket, designed by Wilder the Label HQ. It features the sweet retro floral print that is sure to transport you back to the 70s. The playful mix of warm tones and attractive florals in our giant picnic rug is an instant mood lifter that will brighten up your day. At a generous 160cm x 200cm, the Layla large picnic blanket also comes in the Cosy blanket style and will comfortably fit four adults at your amazing outdoor picnic in Australia. Change things up and flip your Layla picnic rug for a...

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