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Nexus 3 Rollator

Nexus 3 Rollator

$395.00 CAD

FREE SHIPPING + NO TAX Innovative, superior, and state of the art design makes neXus 3 a leader in the rollator market. The Nexus 3 has an innovative design with an X frame that can be folded from side to side quickly and easily. This type of structure also allows the rollator to stand without support when folded and requires less space. Brakes are cable-free, which avoids the hassle of objects getting entangled in the cables. The padded backstrap can be flipped, making a two-position seating. The double bearing front fork assembly helps in smooth rolling. After folding nexus 3 walker, the soft bag remains intact. You can personalize your nexus with optional kits ( a colored soft bag, a m...



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