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M-Brace Wrist Splint - #136

M-Brace Wrist Splint - #136

$67.99 CAD

INDICATIONS • Traumatic pathologies: distortions, carpal/metacarpal fractures, tendonitis.• Degenerative pathologies: root arthrosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthrosis.• Rehab phase: offers a good post-trauma and post-op support.• Available in left or right. DESCRIPTION This Wrist Splint has been designed and produced as a support and protective device for muscular damages, as well as for tendon and joint injuries either caused by trauma, stress or excessive fatigue.Available in right or left for a perfect fit and superior comfort.For the development of this device, two special fabrics have been matched:• The inside fabric is made from a soft breathable microfiber, extremely comfortable t...



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