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Compex Fit 5.0

Compex Fit 5.0

$840.00 CAD

Designed for people who workout daily, Fit 5.0 is the ultimate product in the range, as it also includes Compex wireless technology.Delivered with 2 stimulation modules, Fit 5.0 is also modular, with the option to add 2 additional modules for even more effective performance. TECHNOLOGYDETAILS MI, PERSONALIZED STIMULATION ADAPTED FOR EVERY PHYSIOLOGYEquipped with unique MI (muscle intelligence) technology, Compex stimulators adapt to each of your muscles to provide the most effective electrostimulation possible, while offering greater comfort and better performance. MI, HOW IT WORKS MI-SCANscans the muscle and automatically adjusts stimulator parameters to your physiology. MI-RANGEindicate...



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