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Compex Electrode Easy Snap (50x50mm) 4-Pack

Compex Electrode Easy Snap (50x50mm) 4-Pack

$65.00 CAD

Each bag of 4 self-adhesive electrodes with Snap connectors (Total of 16) 42215 Easy Snap™: Connection between the cable and the electrode, with one hand using simple pressureComfortable: Optimisation of the electric power for higher intensity sessions, gauge of better effectivenessReusable: Variable depending on the type of skin and conditions of useAdaptable: Possible use with muscle stimulators of other brands working with a push button system Compatible with COMPEX SP2.0, COMPEX SP4.0, COMPEX SP6.0, COMPEX SP8.0, COMPEX FIT1.0, COMPEX FIT3.0, COMPEX FIT 5.0, COMPEX WIRELESS, COMPEX MI-SPORT, COMPEX MI-FITNESS, COMPEX RUNNER, COMPEX VITALITY, COMPEX ENERGY MI-READY, COMPEX PERFORMANCE ...



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