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2"x2" Tan Electrodes (16 Pads)

2"x2" Tan Electrodes (16 Pads)

$42.99 CAD

Perfect electrodes to accompany your TENS machine (TENS 3000, TENS 7000, etc.) Please note that this item is 4 packs of 4 pads - total of 16 electrodes. High Quality Reusable electrodes. Multi-Stick Gel for Maximum Reusability. 2"x 2" Square.These electrodes have advanced self-adhesive gel pads which are water activated and do not require any messy gel or belts to attach them to your skin. PROTENS are designed and intended to be used with marketed transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulators (TENS). The PROTENS electrodes provide the conductive interface between the TENS generator and the patient’s skin.The PROTENS electrode offers the following: Fast application and easy handling and remo...



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