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16 Pcs Facial Massage Stone Set

16 Pcs Facial Massage Stone Set

$54.00 CAD - $69.00 CAD

This 16 piece stone set provides ample stones for a truly luxurious head and facial massage. The basalt hot stones will relax and release tension during the massage, whilst the two white marble stones will help aid the client to wake up upon completion of the massage. We also provide a blue velvet drawstring bag for storage. Specifications:- 2 Medium Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (for neck)- 6 Small Flat Ovular Basalt Stones (2 for forehead and temple, 2 for head crown, 2 for hindbrain)- 6 Small Circular Facial Basalt Stones- 2 Small Ovular White Marble (for cold stone therapy) Packed within a blue velvet bag



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