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The Secret Chocolatier Coffee

The Secret Chocolatier Coffee

$12.99 USD

Magnolia Coffee Co. in Charlotte has been our roaster of choice for over 8 years. We enjoy them in our products and we enjoy them in our cup. Now you can enjoy them too. (Whole Bean only.) The Secret Chocolatier Blend This coffee is a blend of Brazil Conquista, Costa Rica (Naranjo), and Ethiopia Harrar. The cup is medium bodied, balanced layers of nice chocolate notes from all 3 origins, with hints of hazelnut & blueberry. Very very tasty. Jade Espresso One of our favorite of Magnolia's espresso blends this makes a find cappuccino as well as a classic cup of coffee. Not too dark with hints of citrus make a very well rounded cup that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

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