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Savory Sweet Box

Savory Sweet Box

$49.00 USD

Over the years we have found a sort of trinity between salt, sweet, and spice. This little gift box is designed to showcase some of what we do, and a little treat from our favorite local honey guys Cloister Honey. Bourbon HoneyA beautiful honey with a nice ring of bourbon. A spot in tea, with cheese, or braising a pork loin, you're going to enjoy this local specialized honey. 4oz Chili Blueberry Chocolate BarkOur local TV personality Larry Sprinkle fell in love with this "Heat with Sweet." Born out of a variation of our Tres Incendios chocolate truffle it combines guanjillo, ancho, and serrano chilis with blueberries, and mexican cinnamon. Hot enough to warm you, sweet enough to savor. 6 ...

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