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Mothers Day Chocolate Specials

Mothers Day Chocolate Specials

$36.00 USD - $57.75 USD

Whether you want to show your mom some love, or the mother of your kids some love, we've got your bases covered. All of these items are available, just use the drop-down box above to select your items. Large, Mother's Day Gift Box, $57 We spoke to a lot of moms and asked what they would want. A little of this, a little of that, the best of the best they said. We took their advice and notions combined to a very comfortable and delightful box of chocolates, baked goods, and confections. 16 box (raspberry buttercream bon bon, sea salt & milk chocolate caramels, 68% dark chocolate truffle, vanilla bean buttercream bon bon, orange, mint, and plum rooibos truffles) 8oz sea salt butter toffe...

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