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Chocolate Trifecta Collection

Chocolate Trifecta Collection

$72.55 USD

The trifecta, the trinity of chocolate--white, milk and dark chocolate. We bring the best of our chocolate worlds together for this taste buffet. 9 Piece Chocolate Truffle Box Milk Chocolate TrufflesOur milk chocolate is creamy, caramel-like. It's hard to resist. White Chocolate TrufflesA white chocolate that reminds one of a creme anglaise? Melted ice cream? Seriously? Sign me up! 68% Dark TrufflesAs dark as we can take them and stay creamy, a 68% will do your taste buds good. Classic: White Chocolate MacadamiaClean and nutty. Creamy white chocolate holds roasted macadamias for the noshing. Classic: Dark Chocolate Almond60% Dark chocolate wraps around a thick helping of roasted almond sl...

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