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Brownie Bars

Brownie Bars

$12.00 USD - $112.00 USD

Perfect Box of 6 A box of 6 chocolate chunk, chocolate chip, chocolate enrobed brownie rectangles. Perfect portions for you or your family. Five Reasons Our Chocolate Covered Chocolate Chip Brownie Bites Rock 1. Dense Chocolatey Goodness 2. Portion Perfect 3. Quality Ingredients 4. Great Dippers 5. Kids and Parents Love Them Size Matters 3 inches of chocolate coated brownies are great for easy handling, dipping, dunking, drowning, devouring. Chocolate Party We also offer a 30 and 60 count of these fresh chocolate goodies. Stacks up nicely from a company to childrens party. They also make great gifts or favors.

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