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Baked Delights

Baked Delights

$56.00 USD

The Secret Chocolatier bakes a lot. We make some great cookies, grahams, biscotti, macaroons and more. Take a little bit home with you and enjoy the comfort of our baked delights. Chocolate Chunky Enrobed Brownies (6 pack)How much chocolate can you work into a brownie? We aimed to find out. We start with a rich, dense chocolate brownie--in it we add liquified chocolate and chocolate chunks, then we wrap it in yet another coat of chocolate. You don't need to eat a lot to be filled up and they are fantastic for dunking! 5 Box of our Crunchy Chocolate Nut CookiesThese cookies have been quite a while in development. Based on some of the greats with our own twist if you enjoy a dark deep bodie...

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