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Loctek D5 Monitor Arm

Loctek D5 Monitor Arm

$69.00 USD

Loctek D5 Monitor Arm with Gas Spring Control The Loctek D5 Desk Monitor Mount is our most cost effective ergonomic monitor arm, featuring a gas spring, and an aircraft-grade aluminum arm. It provides an extremely sturdy, yet easy to maneuver solution for any sit stand desk, allowing you to maintain healthy ergonomic posture while sitting or standing at your desk, and helping to prevent neck and back pain caused by forward hunching. The Loctek D5 Series features 180 degree rotation, multiple monitor configurations, and is capable of supporting up to 11 lbs per monitor. Loctek D5 Features Fit’s most monitors- check for mounting holes on back of monitors The D5U and D5UH Models come with 2 ...

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