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Flexispot Wellness Mat

Flexispot Wellness Mat

$69.00 USD

Flexispot Wellness Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat The Flexispot Wellness Mat is a durable anti-fatigue floor mat, great for pairing with any sit to stand desk. The 3/4" thick padding will help you comfortably maximize your time standing, by cushioning your spine and joints, and minimizing pressure points on the bottom of your feet. And best of all, you can easily slide it out of the way of your chair with just a light push of your foot, for whenever your ready to take a break and sit down. Flexispot Wellness Mat Features Flexispot Wellness Mat is 0.75″ thick - The same as that general mats in the market Mat is soft and forgiving on your back - Essential where workers stand to help ease le...

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