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The Bumper Harvest Snack Box

The Bumper Harvest Snack Box

£20.95 GBP

The Bumper Harvest Snack Box contains the best of our current range and a massive 27 individual items. If the whole family is craving a treat or your personal lockdown stash is dwindling, this is the box for you! Your box will contain the following:1x Twix 50g1x Oreo Snackpack 66g1x Snickers 48g2x Diet Coke 500ml1x Diet Coke 330ml1x San Pellegrino 330ml1x Fanta Zero 330ml1x Doritos Chilli Heatwave 40g1x Hula Hoops 34g1x Mini Cheddars 50g1x Kit Kat 45g1x Jaffa Cakes Snackpack 48.8g1x Kellogg's Squares 28g1x Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce 40g2x Higates Flapjack 120g1x McCoys 47.5g1x Mars Bar 51g1x Eat Real Hummus Chips 45g1x McVities Digestive Nibbles 37g2x Quavers 20g1x Popchips 23g1x Yogh...



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