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The Beer Snacks Box

The Beer Snacks Box

£10.95 GBP

This box contains our most popular Beer Snacks including Scampi Fries, Nuts and Pork Scratchings for that authentic pub taste. Maybe someone you haven't seen for a long time deserves that beer in the sun. Well this is the perfect way to treat them. Customisable with your own message - just leave your message in the box on the 'cart' page. The Beer Snacks Box contains the following:1x Guinness Burts Original Crisps 40g1x Mini Cheddars 50g1x Mini Cheddars Ploughmans 50g1x Wheat Crunchies Crispy Bacon 30g1x Burton's Fish and Chips 40g1x Penn State Sour Cream and Chive Pretzels 30g1x Penn State Salted Pretzels 30g1x Hula Hoops 34g2x Peanuts 50g1x Scampi Fries 27g1x Bacon Fries 24g1x Pork Scra...



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