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Natural Dog Chews – 100% Pure Beef

Natural Dog Chews – 100% Pure Beef

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Natural Dog Chews – 100% Pure Beef Air-Dried Treats for Dogs – Just One Ingredient - Deliciously Healthy Dog Chew for your Dog or Puppy (approx 24 per pack) * HEALTHY! 100% Beef, just one ingredient so you know exactly what you’re feeding your dog, which means no more worrying about what junk ingredients might be hidden away causing itching, digestive pain, obesity, gum damage and harmful allergic reactions. * JUNK FREE CHEWS! No sugar, no grain, no derivatives,no additives, no preservative but great for chewing! So your dog’s teeth and gums stay clean meaning less pain for your beloved dog and fewer expensive trips to the vet. * HIGHEST QUALITY! Patiently air dried for days at low temper...

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We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties. By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients. So you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.

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