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Fish Skin Snacks – Low Fat Dog Treats

Fish Skin Snacks – Low Fat Dog Treats

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Fish Skin Snacks – Low Fat Dog Treats – 100% Whitefish SkinJust One IngredientDeliciously Healthy Hypoallergenic Chews for your Dog or Puppy (100g per pack) * UNDER 1% FAT! These tasty, natural fish skin dog treats are low fat & include none of the awful sugars and grains of big brand low calorie dog treats. Which makes them ideal treats for older dogs with less active lifestyles, dogs on a diet, with pancreatitis or diabetic dogs. Relax knowing you can help give your dog a longer, happier life with delicious low fat treats without sugar or grain – Just Whitefish Skin – Nothing Else! * NATURAL DOG DENTAL CHEWS! Fish skin jerky has a naturally rough surface which acts like a floss - ru...

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We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties. By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients. So you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.

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