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Dog Treat Ball Dispenser Toy

Dog Treat Ball Dispenser Toy

£7.99 GBP

Dog Treat Ball Dispenser Toy - A Fresh Approach for your Dog's Fun and to Stop Boredom Treat Dispenser Colour either Green or Red - Chosen at Random A FRESH APPROACH! You can add treats to the outside as well as the inside of this treat dispenser meaning dogs need to spend time nibbling out their treats as well as the more usual roll and collect method. Depending on how far you wedge treats in to the ball you adjust how quickly they can get to their tasty treats. FUN & ENJOYMENT! Treat dispensing pet toys provide fun & stimulation for your dog, stop boredom and keep them entertained as they chase, nudge and nibble at their toy as it releases tasty food. There's nothing more enjoya...

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We want to help end your pet parent worries over hidden nasties. By offering simple yet tasty dog treats with just a few premium ingredients. So you can relax knowing exactly what your dog is eating.

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