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Volantis Honors Set of Two

Volantis Honors Set of Two

$18.00 USD

The City Thirsts for War A hot, humid city that sits on the Summer Sea in southern Essos, the Free City of Volantis is governed by members of two political parties: the merchant Elephants and the warrior Tigers. This set of two golden Honors struck in brass features coins minted by each party. Both coins have a skull, or "death's head", on one side and the party animal, crown, and the Valyrian words, "First Men of the First Blood" on the other. However, the two designs are unique as the rival parties would not have shared engravers or specific designs. Solid brass coins, 3.8 grams each 2 cm diameter each Designed and engraved by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists. The set contai...

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