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THE SHIRE™ Layered Coin Necklace

THE SHIRE™ Layered Coin Necklace

$30.00 USD

Wear three coins of The Shire around your neck A 30" chain holds three coins from The Shire coins: a brass Shire Tuppence, a copper Shire Penny, and a tiny copper Shire Farthing. Coin text is inscribed in Tengwar. The coins will each feature a tree that will be one of the following variants: pine, elm, willow, and oak. The card inside provides translation of the coin text on each coin. 3 coins, drilled and joined by a jump ring 30" necklace chain included, certified nickel free The coins in this set from the world of J. R. R. Tolkien are struck from solid copper and brass, measure 1 to 2.2 cm in diameter, and weigh .5 to 7 grams. Coins designed and engraved by Greg Franck-Weiby. Learn mor...

Shire Post Mint


We are a small, family-run coining operation located in Arkansas, USA. We hand make official coins infused with love from The Lord of the Rings™, A Song of Ice and Fire™, Mistborn®, and the Moon!

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