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Hammered Copper Worry Stone

Hammered Copper Worry Stone

$13.00 USD

This hammered finish solid copper coin is ready to get some use in your pocket. It has a hammered texture on both sides and a smooth rim that features some delicate texture created by structure of the copper as it was stamped with the hammered texture. It measures 1.25"in diameter and and weighs 1 troy ounce. We have three different finishes available: Blackout - a forced patina that will wear off naturally with adventure and time. It will look similar to the pre worn patina after a few months of carrying. Pre Worn - copper with blackout patina that we have worn down to highlight the lovely hammered texture. This will only continue to grow in beauty with use. Raw Copper - let your copper ...

Shire Post Mint


We are a small, family-run coining operation located in Arkansas, USA. We hand make official coins infused with love from The Lord of the Rings™, A Song of Ice and Fire™, Mistborn®, and the Moon!

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