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Walder Frey Penny

Walder Frey Penny

$5.00 USD

The Late Lord Frey Walder Frey is the Lord of the Crossing and head of House Frey. He gained his alias of "The Late" Lord Frey during Robert's Rebellion when his troops arrived to the Battle of the Trident after the rebels had already won. After violating the sacred notion of guest right at the infamous Red Wedding, Walder became one of the most despised men in Westeros, even by his allies. The superstitious say that Frey's coin is cursed, and examples can be found with his image defaced in an attempt to nullify the coin's bad luck. The penny's obverse features a somewhat younger Lord Frey, inscribed with the year 299 AC (After Conquest) and L.O.T.C. for "Lord of the Crossing." The revers...

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