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Vin's Flattened Clip - Mistborn

Vin's Flattened Clip - Mistborn

$10.00 USD

Crushed by Allomantic Forces "Vin held up the object—the coin they had Pushed between them. It was bent and flattened from the pressure."—Mistborn: The Final Empire Solid copper, 2.7 grams 2.2 cm in diameter, shapes and sizes vary When Vin and Kelsier both Pushed against each other on the same Clip, their sparring turned into a physical contest amplified by Allomantic power. The coin became bent and flattened from the opposing forces of the two Mistborn burning steel to Push each other. Vin eventually lost the shoving match, and Kelsier gave her the distorted coin as a keepsake. She would often think back on this lesson, that her smaller size and weight put her at a disadvantage in purely...

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