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Dwarven Axe of DURIN Necklace

Dwarven Axe of DURIN Necklace

$26.00 USD

Show your Dwarven pride Made during the 1st age of Middle-earth™ in the Mines of Moria™. Surrounding the portrait of Durin, the father of Dwarves, inscribed in Dwarvish, are the words DURIN TURGUL KHAZAD-DÛM, “Durin, King Under Moria.” On the reverse, are the letters BK, meaning BARUK KHAZÂD, “Axes of the Dwarves.” Dwarven Axe of Durin Necklace from the world of J. R. R. Tolkien is struck from solid copper. It is presented on a 30" leather cord. Designed and engraved by Tom Maringer. Learn more about our artists. This coin is treated to look as if they have been handled and circulated. This process is done by hand, and it is both an art and a science. Coloring and patinas will vary. No tw...

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We are a small, family-run coining operation located in Arkansas, USA. We hand make official coins infused with love from The Lord of the Rings™, A Song of Ice and Fire™, Mistborn®, and the Moon!

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