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Black Skull of Crom Coin

Black Skull of Crom Coin

$7.00 USD

Crom, Count the Dead! This blackened coin was made to pay homage to the Cimmerian diety, Crom, whose chief function is to count the dead in battle. Crom watches and judges all, and it may be better to avoid his attention, as he likely brings trouble and doom. The use of Crom's name as a curse identifies Conan as a Cimmerian. The obverse of this coin bears a skull, while the reverse depicts a stylized vulture and the inscription, "Crom Counts the Dead" inscribed in Icelandic Elder Futhark runes. Solid nickel-bronze, 4.7 grams 2.4 cm diameter Coin design by Tom Maringer and Woody Maringer, engraving by Woody Maringer. Learn more about our artists. The product is treated to look as if it has...

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