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Copper Country Bullion

Copper Country Bullion

$18.00 USD

The First Troy Ounce Copper Bullion Coin A solid copper bullion coin honoring the famous Quincy Mine in Hancock, Michigan, located on the scenic Keweenaw Peninsula. The piece was minted from a massive blank weighing 36 grams of pure .997 copper. On the obverse is a high relief image of a miner with pick, oil lamp, and pipe. The reverse side depicts the still-standing Quincy #2 shaft-house, a National Historic Site, viewed from the south.This coin was made in 2006 and is historically significant in the bullion trade as it was the first ever use of troy ounces as the weight designation of copper bullion. The use of the troy ounce in denominating the weight of copper was intended as an offha...

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