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Conan Set #2 - Deluxe Set of Five Coins

Conan Set #2 - Deluxe Set of Five Coins

$50.00 USD

From King Conan's Coffers™ This deluxe set of coins includes five exquisite pieces from the Hyborian age. Includes: King Conan Aquilonian Luna • Aquilonia This heavy golden Luna features the stern likenesss of King Conan and his lion, Amra. The text around the rim is Basque Euskara inscribed in Phapian, an ancient Minoan script. Stygian Lunar • Stygia An oblong coin of fabled Stygia features the Moon Goddess holding two vipers, a field of heiroglyphs, and the serpent god Set. Turanian 5p • Turan A large golden coin from the savage Kingdom of Turan, which sits on the south-western shores of the great inland sea Vilayet. Features towers of Turan and a rampant wolf. Inscriptions in Turkic ru...

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We are a small, family-run coining operation located in Arkansas, USA. We hand make official coins infused with love from The Lord of the Rings™, A Song of Ice and Fire™, Mistborn®, and the Moon!

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