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Aegon Targaryen Golden Dragon Coin

Aegon Targaryen Golden Dragon Coin

$14.00 USD

The first Golden Dragon of Westeros solid brass three-headed dragon sigil and text "Fire and Blood"and "Aegon Targaryen" Iron Throne with crown and text "Lord of the Seven Kingdoms" 1.15" (2.9 cm) diameter The first Golden Dragon of the Targaryen Dynasty. Aegon's Conquest would reshape Westeros entirely. Dates of Westerosi history are categorized as "Before Conquest" and "After Conquest". Aegon together with his sister wives, Visenya and Rhaenys, subdued six of the seven Kingdoms during a two year campaign, resisted only by Dorne. Their dragons, Balerion, Vhagar and Meraxes make up the newly formed three-headed dragon sigil of House Targaryen. This coin was minted shortly after the constr...

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