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Japanese Indigo Seeds

Japanese Indigo Seeds

$5.00 USD - $10.00 USD

Persicaria tinctoria, Senbon variety (pink flower). Try growing your very own natural blue dye with this temperate climate indigo plant. Persicaria is in a genus of plants commonly known as smartweeds or knotweeds (sometimes this plant is called "dyer's knotweed"). It is noninvasive, and easy to grow either in your garden or in pots. To see the plants from which these seeds were harvested, please visit my Instagram page. As these seeds have been hand-winnowed, expect a little leftover plant matter. Each packet contains thousands of seeds. There is a roughly 60-70% viability rate for these seeds, so plant extra to make sure you have plenty of plants. Any seeds you don't use can be put in t...

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