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Pawmanity Latch Restraint Belt

Pawmanity Latch Restraint Belt

$19.95 AUD

Pawmanity Latch Restraint Belt ✘ Not compatible with the Pawmanity Cargo Liner SizesWidth 2.5cm. Max. length includes Latch and Snap Hook Short: Length adjustable 30-80cm Recommended for: Use with ISOFIX Lower Latch Bars in rear seat bight (between seatback and bench) and/or in conjunction with our new Medium size Access Liner. Long: Length adjustable 60-110cmRecommended for: Use with Anchor Points in the back of Rear Seats. Can be used as both a Cargo Restraint and draped over the top of the rear seat and under the headrest as a restraint for the Rear Seat. ____________________________________________________________ This belt is the perfect companion to the Pawmanity Access Liner (avail...



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