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Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks

Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks

$4.25 NZD - $45.06 NZD

Value for money: Check Yatra Naturals Myrrh Sandal 12 Pack. Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks Yatra Naturals Product Description: YATRA Myrrh Sandal Incense Sticks are made from rich natural ingredients that are handcrafted with pure Myrrh from Africa and Sandal from India. Myrrh and Sandal are well known for its use in perfumes, incense and medicinal use. Myrrh is naturally found in small trees called Commiphora as a gum resin. It is burned to help with purifying the air and prevent the spread of contagious disease. Sandal is another well known fragrance. Sandalwood oil are extracted from the woods in the Indian forest, and its one of the most expensive oil in the world. It has many medicinal ...



Naathi Aromatherapy is a New Zealand owned incense E-store that sells incense sticks, backflow incense cones, incense burners, incense holders, and aromatherapy oils. Best natural products for your Ar

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