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Fenix E28R LED Torch

Fenix E28R LED Torch

₹5,500.00 INR - ₹5,850.00 INR

WE OFFER FREE LASER ENGRAVING ON THIS PRODUCT Just when you thought Fenix Everyday Carry Flashlights couldn't get any better, the E28R arrives. This Powerful EDC Flashlight can run on either one single 18650 or two CR123 batteries to put out 1500 lumens. Other great features include USB Type-C Fast Charging and a single switch operation for ease of use. The Fenix E28R also includes five different brightness levels to accommodate any environment plus a strobe mode for personal defense. The E28R is also compact in structure with a rigid aluminum body and IP68 waterproof protection that makes this EDC light more reliable than ever. The E28R can easily be packed in a briefcase or work bag and...

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