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FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms

FE3H Pawky Acrylic Charms

$12.50 USD

Limited quantity availabe, will not be restocked. Charms are double sided with different expression on the back.+ Size: ~6 cm (~2.4")+ Material: high quality clear acrylic+ Star shaped lobster clasp (slight variation between designs)+ Protective film on both sides If something is out of stock, feel free to grab a sticker instead. Refer to shipping & terms for shipping cost and delivery times. Pawky flavours available:Anna - AmazakeAnnette - MangoAshe - Kyoho GrapeBalthus - SesameBernadetta - Sweet PotatoByleth - MatchaCaspar - Sea SaltClaude - Chocolate BananaConstance - Blueberry CheesecakeDedue - Kuromitsu KinakoDimitri - CheesecakeDorothea - CherryEdelgard - Royal Milk TeaFelix - "...

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