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Spicy Taco Soup Keto Chow

Spicy Taco Soup Keto Chow

$5.00 USD

If you’re looking for a versatile soup base that is a little jazzed up, Spicy Taco Soup Keto Chow is the answer. The bulk meal bags of this seasonal flavor are only available in the fall and winter. It serves as a great base for soups and stews, and can also be used to add flavor to dishes like our Spicy Taco Cauliflower Rice. The large 21 meal packages are available on a seasonal basis, we will restock them in the fall. Because this flavor tends to sell well at one time of year and not others, we decided that we would have the large bags available on a seasonal basis where they are stocked in the fall and are not restocked again until the next fall. What exactly does “fall” mean? When wi...

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