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28 oz. Keto Chow BlenderBottle®

28 oz. Keto Chow BlenderBottle®

$8.00 USD

Keto Chow branded 28 oz. BlenderBottle Note that if you order more than one blender bottle, we will open them up, stack them together, and adjust your shipping cost manually when it ships. Usually, it'll come down by about 1/3. THERE'S ONLY ONE BLENDERBOTTLE Everything else is just a shaker cup. The BlenderBottle Classic revolutionized the industry back in 2004 with its leak-proof seal, iconic design, and the BlenderBall® wire whisk. Now, years later, it's still the best-selling shaker on the market. Why? Because it works. SMOOTH TASTES GOOD Say 'goodbye' to lumpy protein shakes and 'hello' to smooth, great-tasting drinks. Our patented mixing system uses the BlenderBall wire whisk—found o...

Keto Chow


Keto made easy. Kill cravings & stay in ketosis 1/3 of your daily nutrients in a delicious shake

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