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INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer

INOBY Portable Bottle Warmer

£49.00 GBP

The brand new Pure White model has arrived ! Check out the review of the INOBY bottle warmer from Mybaba.com here. The New Parents Gift Set is available now here!! Warming up milk no longer have to be stressful Warming up milk for your baby is never that straightforward. You never really know if the water or milk temperature is too hot or too cold. You worry that the milk will have hot spots, burning baby in the middle of a feed. The solution is getting a plug-in baby milk warmer or a milk preparation machine. However, these are mostly clunky and heavy occupying a huge amount of counter space and worst of all, have to be plugged in. When we finally get a chance to go out for a walk or a s...

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