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Tree of Life of Kabbalah Poster (International)

Tree of Life of Kabbalah Poster (International)

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The Tree of Life is one of the most important aspects of Kabbalah, and reveals the underlying structure of all things. By studying the Tree of Life, we can understand ourselves and the universe around us. The poster illustrates all the basics of the Tree of Life: The Four Worlds Heavens and Hells The Ten Sephiroth and Their Correspondences The Seven Cosmoses and Their Laws The Being and the Soul The Tower of Babel The Seven Dimensions of Nature Specifications: Size: 18 x 24 Inches Paper: Premium Luster Photo Paper Poster • 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick • Slightly glossy • Fingerprint resistant IMPORTANT NOTE: This poster is not printed by Glorian in the US, but will be printed in your country wh...



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