APOL Singapore

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3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer x said:


chair is nice and comfy.
The headrest is slightly adjustable.
Definitely worth the price

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Koh Kim Chay said:

kranken or nothing

Chair delivered as scheduled.
Assembly was not too difficult.
Chair is study and comfortable.
Beats many other office chairs i have used.
Will recommend to my son.

3 years ago about Classic
Verified Buyer Richard Yea said:

Nice & Comfortable!

No doubt i had ordered for cheapest range x6 chairs, the quality is even better than S.....L..... ! 👍🏻
Will order more when the stock arrival.

3 years ago about Classic
Verified Buyer JESS IVAN BAGNES said:

Nice and affordable chair. Never compromised the quality because of the price. Legit best buy. 🙌🏻 Fast delivery also. Less than 24hrs. Good staff. Thanks.

3 years ago about Kraken
Henry said:

Comfy gaming chair

The kraken is my first gaming chair and I’m pleased with the comfortable back and neck support and the smooth 4d arm rests. Thanks for this great product, APOL!

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Justin SY said:

1 of the best gaming chair

Can compete with secretlab chair. In few more months this brand will be on 1 of the best gaming chair.

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Jeremy Tan said:


Amazing chair & easy to install

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Lim said:


Very comfortable at a slightly lower price compared to secret lab.
Very responsive team and when there is a problem they will come down and change it for you immediately without asking much questions.

3 years ago about Classic
Verified Buyer William said:

Great service

APOL staff were very helpful and professional. They responded quickly to my feedback and provided additional instructions on how to fix the pillows onto the chair. Thank you.

3 years ago about Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Verified Buyer Gerald Tan said:

Relatively comfortable

The larger back lumbar memory pillow is more comfortable than the small back pillow that accompanied the purchase of Classic III series chair. However, I think it can still be more softer and better designed ergonomically to improve comfort levels even more.

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Rz said:

Great Gaming Chair

Went down to comex to view their booth but was exceptionally crowded, so instead msg them and went down to their office at AMK. Leong was very friendly, recommending and letting me try the different range of chairs they had, in the end tried and tested The Behemoth and made the purchase. i'm quite a fussy person when it comes to chairs as we spend a long time sitting in one in our daily lives so this was great, the leather and suede combination was exceptional, the colour range is not wide but as long as it's comfortable and nice, that's the main objective of a chair.
Do go down and try their chairs before buying though as my wife found the chair a little too high for her as she is much shorter than me, nonetheless she finds it comfy.
On a side note, the ventilation on the main bum part could be abit better, the leather is great when its cool or cold weather but when its warm like it was a few weeks back due to the haze, it can get abit sweaty (but thats the thing with leather i guess not just their chairs in particular). Overall still highly recommended. :)

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Aw Jin Hui said:

Great chair

Big & comfortable
value for money

3 years ago about Classic III
Gerald Tan said:

Affordable luxury

The classic 3 is a very comfy chair to sit on for long hours be it for gaming or working. Material appears to be very durable. My only complaint is the back pillow is too small and I would rather APOL include the bigger memory back pillows for all their chairs!

3 years ago about Headrest & Lumbar Pillows
Verified Buyer Thomas Lee said:

Headrest in good quality

The headrest & pillow given are in good quality, very comfortable

3 years ago about Kraken
Lloyd said:

Epitome of Comfort

I've been noticing APOL for the past year and saw how they improved their designs across series.
And finally I purchased my first gaming chair from them at their COMEX booth on Sep 2019.
Jason and the other staff were very helpful in recommending and explaining the functionality and design behind the chair.
The Kraken was a better choice for me as I was of a smaller build and stature.

The chair was delivered in its assembled state, and everything was perfect.
I used it for 2 weeks and I am very satisfied with the product.

I would also like to commend Jason for coming down personally to my place today to check on a minor technical issue which I gave feedback on.
I am contented that he managed to resolve the issue on the spot professionally and efficiently.
I would recommend APOL chairs not just for its great value, design and comfort, but also its great post-purchase customer experience :) Thank you!

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Chan Foo Weng said:

Big chair

I like to positive sale service

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Thomas Lee said:


Good product, very comfortable, no regard and the price is cheaper than other brand, delivery staff is friendly, follow timing and always keep me update.

3 years ago about Kraken
Richard Tay said:


Amazing chair ,perfect for me in my room .

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Duphy said:


Good Chair, while the delivery is a bit delay. Overall satisfied.

3 years ago about Kraken
Jim said:

Very comfortable and sturdy chair

Recently bought one of the kraken crimson and so far im enjoying the comfort it gives, installing the chair at first was abit of a struggle but the work paidoff! Overall a very good ergonomic chair and good price.

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Clement Pang said:

great chair

Why pay more for SecretLab Titan when you get the Apol Behemoth at a solid price?

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Stanley said:

Comfy but unpolished

Having owned a Secretlab Omega for the past 3 years, I was looking to get another chair for my office. Chanced upon the APOL booth at Comex and was impressed with the Kraken. Paid up and waited 10 days for the delivery.
Its been 2 weeks since I received the chair. And I am glad to have changed to it; it is comfortable and way better than my old office chair.

However, it is not perfect.
The armrest is too wide and on inspection, there seems to be a mounting issue; there is a 5 cm gap between the armrest and seat on one side and 3cm gap on the other.
Cover for the wheelbase hydraulic piston is also not covering up the piston when seat is at full height.
The plastic parts on the armrest is also very rough which can do with some filing to remove the burrs.

In summary,
Is it comfortable? Yes, very.
Is it worth the money? Yes.
Am I satisfied? Somewhat...

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Aaron Lew said:

Awesome chair with similar quality build as the high end options out there

Purchase the Kraken from Comex that came with free delivery and installation. Purchase the additional back n neck cushion as well that was created in collaboration with a chiropractor. Loving every minute I'm sitting on the chair with the comfort and endless adjustments I'm able to make. Anyone looking for a premium chair should give this a shot and see if it suits your preference before making a decision on which chair to buy.

3 years ago about Behemoth
Verified Buyer Keefe Tee said:

Great chair and great price

Great product at a great product. Was contemplating between apol and secretlab but the apol customer service won me over. Would not hesitate to recommend the brand to friends

3 years ago about Kraken
Verified Buyer Bobby said:

Kraken ash storm

Thanks to the good service from Jason and his team (specifically promoter Sam) at COMEX, I was able to make a quick deal for this new fabric chair. Really comfortable and the fabric material makes it less humid compared to leather, but both are still good. Hope that the chair will last for a long time and prove to be one of the most price competitive chairs in the market now. Excellent job, APOL!