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Dope Ropes Jump Rope Mat

Dope Ropes Jump Rope Mat

£59.99 GBP - £99.99 GBP

Material: Made of a super-tough vinyl foam material. Sizes:Standard - 36" X 48" X 1/4" inches / 7lbJumbo - 86" x 43" x 1/4" inches / 13lb Suitable for both skipping indoors or outdoors. Extends the life of jump rope cables vs jumping on concrete or hard, abrasive surfaces. Designed to reduce the "bounce" of cable speed ropes when they hit the ground. Less bounce = more consistent double unders. (More bounce = more misses.) Set on your carpet/other surfaces for a flat surface for indoor jumping and to help protect your flooring. Great for reducing the impact on your knees joints when jumping rope as a degree of impact is absorbed vs hard surfaces. Easy to roll up, store and clean. Non slip...

Dope Ropes


Dope Ropes supply durable, stylish and vibrant jump ropes to cater for all workout objectives and experience levels. Inspired by retro 80s/90s pop culture and the vaporwave aesthetic.

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