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1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

1.3lb Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0

£29.99 GBP - £31.99 GBP

Thick 1.3-pound jump rope (circa 500g) for adding heavy resistance to your jump rope workouts. NEW upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for smoother spin. This also fixes an issue with the cord rubbing and wearing at the handle. Why this rope? If you want a quicker cardio workout and a heavier burn in your shoulders and forearms. You will definitely feel the burn using this rope for even short amounts of time. Product Details: 12mm diameter hollow core PVC rope Industrial grade 4.75" long dual-ball bearing handles (rope is secured in handle with a metal bolt). Dual ball bearings in handles improve spin and eliminate PVC wear at handle. Sizing: 8ft: recommended for heights 5'10" and...

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