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Dope Ropes 'Outrun' Speed Rope 2.0

Dope Ropes 'Outrun' Speed Rope 2.0

£44.99 GBP

The Dope Ropes 'outrun' Speed Rope 2.0 is perfect for competition speed jumping as well as for CrossFit double unders. Recommended for experienced users who already have decent jump rope form and who want to max out their reps and efficiency with minimum effort when doing speed work or double unders. Handles: 6.5" long / 2oz (each) / 0.7" diameter. Ball bearings in the head of the handles allow for an ultra fast spin. Materials: Made of high grade aluminium. Resizing: the cable can be resized to your preferred length. Please note that a screwdriver is required to tighten and loosen the screw fitting the cable but this is very quick and easy to do. Wire cutters are also required to cut any...

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Dope Ropes supply durable, stylish and vibrant jump ropes to cater for all workout objectives and experience levels. Inspired by retro 80s/90s pop culture and the vaporwave aesthetic.

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