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Dope Ropes Long Handle PVC Jump Rope (5mm)

Dope Ropes Long Handle PVC Jump Rope (5mm)

£21.99 GBP - £22.99 GBP

The Dope Rope Fitness Freestyle Rope is a great hybrid skipping rope that combines the speed of PVC with the additional reach of long handles. This makes it not only a great fitness rope for cardio but allows you to perform more advanced crossing combinations with greater ease. The 5mm PVC has better feedback than a 4mm cord but still cuts through the air quicker allowing you to add speed for higher intensity workouts. The long handles allow you to mix things up alongside that with some more advanced crossing combos and releases. I generally recommend beginners start with short handle variant to develop strong foundational technique and introduce long handle ropes like this to add to your...

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Dope Ropes supply durable, stylish and vibrant jump ropes to cater for all workout objectives and experience levels. Inspired by retro 80s/90s pop culture and the vaporwave aesthetic.

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